Set Your Clients up for SUCCESS!

To get started, you’ll need to purchase:

1. Administrator Dashboard – $197 (one-time fee)
2. User Subscriptions – $97/family member/year

Administrator Dashboard

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Import client names and email addresses

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Assign and manage user subscriptions

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Set up user groups and pre-assign group members to each other’s Coaching Networks

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Monitor program usage by client

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Add links to your own custom content and to other important websites

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Send messages to users by group

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Assign administrator rights to other staff members so they can manage it for you

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Brand the program with your company name and logo

Note: The Admin Dashboard includes a one-year user subscription to Strong for Families for one administrator.

What parents and teens get with their one-year subscription

Virtual coaching 24/7 with . . . 

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    The Focus-Action-Reflection process for developing new habits

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    The Top critical communication skills parents and teens need to build a strong relationship

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    The Top strengths parents and teens must have to make it through rough times

Power tools . . . 

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Their own private Coaching Network of individuals they choose to help them improve their skills

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    A secure, confidential archive for all their completed exercises

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Ability to ask for feedback, suggestions and advice from people who care about the family

Magical results for parents and teens . . . 

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    They become more aware of each other’s needs

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Parents and teens really connect

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Issues get resolved sooner and easier

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Parents and teens feel understood, accepted and respected

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Which builds more self-esteem and self-confidence for everyone involved

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    And the bond between parent and teen grows stronger

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS   Parents and teens learn how to interact with each other



Purchase Administrator Dashboard
and user subscriptions (any quantity)


or by PHONE: 800-488-6463 or 757-873-3700
or by EMAIL:

* If you already own the Admin Dashboard, please Log into your account to buy additional user subscriptions.

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