Strong for Families was designed for family coaches, therapists and counselors,
to support you as you work with clients.

Using the administrator dashboard, you or a trusted staff member assigns Strong for Parenting to parents and Strong for Life to teens. The program easily and efficiently guides the users through exercises that help them learn the communication skills and personal strengths they need to build strong parent-teen relationships.

Manage Subscriptions. Assign one-year subscriptions to your clients.


User Groups. Introduce topics to your families at just the right time during your work with them. Do they need to learn how to listen? Assign that topic to them and encourage them to review and start applying the skills before their next session.


Contact Users. Stay in touch with your clients between sessions. Check out how the family is doing through emails and offer encouragement when needed.


Custom Content. Do you have videos, articles or blog posts you’d like your families to view that aren’t part of Strong for Families? Easily link to your own custom content or content from others and assign it to any user group.


For more information Email us or call toll-free: 800.488.6463 x 201.