What if you could give the young people you counsel a HUGE edge in life?

There are five critical communication skills and twelve personal strengths that can set up young people for long-term success.


It’s important for teenagers to be strong academically, but they also need to be strong personally— with core skills and strengths to handle the challenges they’ll face during the teen years and later as adults.

In other words, it comes to education, relationships and work, teens need to be GOOD with people, GOOD at what they do and STRONG enough to achieve success.

They have to do the HARD things to set themselves apart from others. They need to grow stronger as a PERSON and improve the SKILLS that count the most.

They need:

  • The personal strengths like commitment and integrity to deal with adversity and the challenges of the real world
  • Communications skills such as receiving feedback and engaging in dialogue to create healthy relationships at home and at work
  • Critical thinking skills to judge short- and long-term consequences

These form the foundation for maximum effectiveness. Surprisingly, they’re not a part of a child’s formal education, but they’re the competencies employers say they want most in new hires and college professors find lacking in most of their students. Imagine the advantages if a teen develops these sought-after skills NOW!

Strong for Life is a unique online program that gives teens
the communication skills and personal strengths they need
to deal with the challenges of learning, work and life.

5 ways a teenager will grow stronger with their one-year subscription…

1. Establish permanent SUCCESS HABITS.

Reading a book or watching a video won’t change a teen’s behavior. Strong for Life
uses the proven focus-action-reflection process to guide the young person to perform actions over and over again in the real world and learn from these experiences.



How will a teen respond when put in situations that require him or her to make tough choices and do hard things? The exercises in Strong for Life develop inner strengths like commitment, perseverance, integrity, self-discipline, excellence, effort and many more.


Young adults won’t get far in their career or establish satisfying personal relationships without knowing how to deal with other people effectively. Strong for Life has the most comprehensive set of how-to videos for relationship-building available today, including: listening, giving and receiving feedback, resolving conflict and engaging in dialogue.

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Too many teenagers today get themselves in trouble because they don’t habitually think through the consequences of their actions. All the interactive exercises in Strong for Life get them to analyze situations and think about the best way to handle them.


In an ideal world, everyone would have a personal coach they could call for advice and encouragement. Strong for Life uses six different kinds of virtual coaching, including a network of real people who care about the young person’s success.


Strong for Life is designed for teens who are motivated to achieve and succeed—the kind who are doing their best to stay out of trouble, make good grades, excel in student activities, take challenging classes, and plan for the future.

The system works like a fitness center with a dedicated, 24/7 personal trainer. Instead of getting stronger physically, the teenager will get stronger as a person. The system coaches young people through the Focus-Action-Reflection cycle until the habits and behaviors feel natural and comfortable.

Strong for Life allows me to access the best parts of me as a person. The interactive lessons really drive home the skills and the learning necessary to succeed.”

– Ben, high school student, Los Angeles, CA

What a teen gets with the one-year subscription to Strong for Life

Virtual coaching 24/7 with…

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    The Focus-Action-Reflection process for developing new habits

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    People skills videos with exercises and resources

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    7 types of multi-media exercises for personal strength development

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    “Cool Stuff” – Links to videos, movies and books chosen especially for teens

Power tools…

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Private Coaching Network of individuals the teen chooses

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    A secure, confidential archive for all the young person’s completed exercises

checkmarkXS-ORANGE24x27-TRANS    Ability to ask for feedback, suggestions and advice from people who care about the teen’s success

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