You know from countless hours of listening to distressed parents
that raising a teenager isn’t just challenging.
It can be heartbreaking—even scary. 


Like other highly trained therapists, coaches and counselors who specialize in family issues, you know well that parent-teen problems are usually rooted in how parents react to their adolescent child’s behavior. Most parents react instinctively and emotionally, causing hurt feelings, alienation, defiance and rebellion.

This isn’t the parents’ fault.

Interpersonal skills training has never been a standard part of formal education. Instead, nearly all of us learned how to communicate “on the street,” unconsciously learning from the instinctive behaviors of our family and friends. Fewer than 5% of adults have had training in the kind of effective communication skills that foster a strong, loving parent-child relationship:

  • Active listening and mirroring
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Giving encouragement
  • Engaging in dialogue
  • Guiding learning
  • Stimulating thinking
  • Resolving conflict
If you’ve been trained to use any of these skills, you can help family members learn better ways of interacting with each other. But to facilitate this kind of behavior change, you’ll need to do more than explain and demonstrate. Knowing how to communicate with a teenager is important, but knowing isn’t the same as doing. It’s hard for parents to change lifelong habits, because the behavior patterns are hardwired in their brains.

If you want parents to make lasting changes, your challenge will be to help them replace old, ingrained ways of reacting with new, more effective ones. Like learning any new skill, this will take a lot of day-to-day application with family, along with encouragement and coaching from you over time.

The problem is, how can you coach all your clients to change ingrained behavior patterns, when you know the process has to happen in the home, and it will take months?

Strong for Families, a new online technology for family coaches, therapists and counselors, was created to support you during the long-term coaching process. It’s a dashboard and learning support system that will assist you in engaging with parents as they use Strong for Parenting, an online coaching system that guides them to learn about and use essential communication skills until they become second nature.
The program is robust enough to let you coach and track the progress of dozens of parents simultaneously during the months of skill-building needed to make them effective. You can even use the program as a follow-up component of public workshops.

The capabilities of this system will amaze you. Click to learn more about Strong for Parenting and Strong for Life.

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